A Conversation With Justin and John!

Via My Music Matrix Tues 29th May and I’m heading off to a press conference ahead of the British Invasion Tour of Moody Blues, Procol Harem and 10cc. I arrive at the hotel and hook up with the guys from Big Concerts who are organising the tour. I am informed that instead of a press conference I will have the opportunity to interview members of the bands one-on-one! Last but not least I get introduced to Justin Hayward and John Lodge from Moody Blues. As we sit down, Justin Hayward says to me, “You look like a rock-star!” Aidan: Thanks! I’ve been in the music industry here for about 23 years! Here’s a question for you that I like to ask… You guys have been asked thousands of questions but is there a question you would have like to have been asked and what would your answer be? Justin and John both laugh. Justin: We were touring Africa at the same time that South Africa had just won the Rugby World Cup. Johannesburg, Swaziland, Pretoria and more. John: yes, that was good riding that wave. Aidan: tell us a little about the early days and where you started. John: Well, we started as an R&B band doing covers. We recorded a demo of our own music and that’s where we were getting known with our own stuff. Justin: Yes, we toured all over doing gigs, festivals etc. Glastonbury, West Country etc. John: In ’68 we were invited by Bill Graham to play two gigs in the States. The venues were quite far from each other and the gigs were 10 weeks apart so we worked our way across the U.S. and gigged with bands like Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane and Poco (made up from members of Buffalo Springfield). Aidan: So which was your bigger reception… home or the States? Justin: We became a bigger name in our home country because of the success abroad. Aidan: Yes, there are a lot of SA bands that are bigger here now because they’ve played overseas. Aidan: Justin, one question that I wanted to ask you is about the War Of The Worlds. “Forever Autumn” is one of my favourite tracks. Tell us about that. Justin: (Laughs) Was probably the easiest song I did. Jeff Wayne called me up and asked me if I was the guy who sang “Knights In White Satin” and I told him “Yes, I might have done that one!” He had the music and the lyrics and I went into the studio and recorded it a day. Aidan: You were also in the stage show? Justin: Yes. Toured with the show. Aidan: Awesome! You guys have a good gig! With the interviews over I leave the hotel on a high in anticipation of the next night’s gig. - Aidan Harper Read the rest of the article HERE (with Graham Gouldman of 10cc) Do you want to submit a question to the Moody Blues? Email storytellers@moodybluestoday.com
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