Days of Future Passed Now Mastered for iTunes

Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed
45 years after it's debut, the future of Days Of Future Passed is here! Once again, much like this iconic album, the Moody Blues seeks out the cutting edge of a music trend and embraces it! Mastering an album for iTunes especially takes into consideration the sound on digital devices, using the same techniques Apple uses to prepare it's audio for sale on iTunes. This way, when you listen to Days of Future Passed on your computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone or other device, you will have the advantage of the best listening experience and highest quality fidelity that's digitally possible. The difference is in the master... In preparing music for digital downloading, the source audio is even more imporatnt than the end format in many ways, and iTunes mastering starts with the highest resolution master available, usually much higher than the resolution available from a commercial CD. From there, the new master is optimized based on how it sounds on the types of devices the end-user is expected to listen with. This is a completely different way of approaching the subject than previously done, and the end result is audio that will sound great no matter what you play it on. Days of Future Passed now available on iTunes
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