Justin Hayward and John Lodge of the Moody Blues are 'InTheStudio' for the 40th Anniversary

Dallas, TX- December 10, 2012. North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 40th anniversary of the MOODY BLUES biggest seller Seventh Sojourn. One of the crown jewels in progressive rock’s peak era, Seventh Sojourn was a #1 worldwide best seller and resulted in the longest international tour in music history up to then, from which the
original band never returned, ?guratively. Justin Hayward and John Lodge guest InTheStudio for the back story which is complex, set to the classics “Lost in a Lost world”, “You and Me”, “Isn’t Life Strange” and “I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band”. Moody Blues bass player/singer/songwriter John Lodge shares with program host Redbeard how the album was conceived. "When we were working on the Seventh Sojourn album, we always had discussions and meetings to talk about what the album should be about, what we would like the album to re?ect. And I think we realized that we had come to the end of a journey, and the album suddenly became Canterbury Tales.” MOODY BLUES Seventh Sojourn-InTheStudio program is available now to STREAM at: “http://www.inthestudio.net/redbeards-blog/moody-blues-seventh-sojourn-40thanniversary/
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