Justin Hayward Reflects on His Life

Justin Hayward Justin Hayward
On Monday (10/14), Moody Blues singer Justin Hayward turns 67 years old. The “Nights in White Satin” singer has been making music since 1965. He reflected on that fact with us. “You know it’s starting to come in to think, ‘Wait a minute, this is going to be my whole life. I was 19 when I joined this band and I thought it would be… I have to say, I think all of us thought it was just a way of avoiding starvation for a few weeks until we found something better.’ Of course, a few lucky things happened by chance that changed our lives and I sometimes think now, you know, this is going to be my whole life and I better start thinking about that, whether there’s anything else I really want to do.” Justin and The Moody Blues will be performing in Kansas City, Missouri on Justin’s birthday, TODAY, October 14th - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!
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