Justin Hayward’s Spirits...Live Television Special Update

justin-pbsWe’re getting a great response, lots of buzz on PBS’ Justin Hayward’s Spirits...Live television special. Here are some of the questions we’re fielding: When: Starting February 28, 2015 and throughout the month of March, 2015. Where: Your local PBS station. Note: The PBS Network consists of 350+ affiliates nationwide. Each affiliate or local PBS station determines their own schedule. They are all in the process RIGHT NOW of determining their schedule for March, 2015. So check your local listings. If you are wondering, you can call your local PBS station to find out if they are airing Justin’s show. Please be courteous as the local PBS programmers are busy putting their schedule together. They do like your feedback however and your call may help them decide to air the show! What: Justin Hayward’s Spirits...Live is a 90 minute show for PBS’ special programming. Justin and the Moody Blues have a long history of supporting PBS and this show is doing the same. As PBS is viewer-supported television, they depend on having us become PBS Members. Justin has put together an AWESOME package of “thank you gifts” to those who pledge to become new PBS Members or Members who renew their support to PBS. This package will be announced soon. We can tell you that you’ve never seen anything like this, in the almost five decades Justin has been with the Moody Blues! How: Your job is to TELL EVERYONE! Share, Email, Tweet, Text, Skype, Tattoo (think twice about this) or even make a phone call! Get this PBS BUZZ going even more! We support Justin, his music, The Moodies and of course, PBS!
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