Mad About the Moody Blues

The Moody Blues The Moody Blues

Just wanted to take a moment to say that I think The Moody Blues are the best rock n' roll band that ever existed!

I've been to seven of their concerts here in the US this year and I never tire of hearing their music! They take the stage and with the first few notes you know you are in for a magical mystery tour of the decades from the 60's through the 70's, onward through the 80's, 90's and 2000's.

From Tuesday Afternoon to I Know You're Out There Somewhere, we fans just love everything they sing. And Justin Hayward sounds just as good as he did when he sang Nights in White Satin in 1967! His voice is so clear and commanding! And John Lodge is brilliant in his performance of Nervous. Graeme Edge has the audience laughing when he dances across the stage to Higher and Higher and then stunned while he does a drum solo. After that, the whole audienceis on their feet to the rest of the song! This band truly deserves all the applause and accolades accorded to it. May they keep rocking for many years to come! They will never be too old for us!

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