MOODY BLUES: A Question of Be-Bop-a-Lula

Courtesy of Sal Cirrincione, Premiere Networks Moody Blues bassist John Lodge was recently in the studio recording a song for a Gene Vincent tribute album called The Black Leather Rebel. A very young Lodge crossed paths with the early American rock and roller in 1964 when Vincent moved to England. Lodge tells us exclusively, "I was asked if I wanted to be the bass player in his U.K. band so I had a meeting with him at the TV studio where he was appearing was asked if I would write a song for him, which I did. It was called 'Stay Away From Me' and, to my knowledge, I was the only person to have a copy of this demo. a few years ago this demo appeared on an album called In Search of the Lost Moody Blues Songs. After the release of this album I received a letter from the Gene Vincent Appreciation Society saying, 'If Gene had recorded this song in 1964 he would have had the hit he needed at that time in his career.'" Lodge ended up not working with Vincent, but pursued his own musical path with the Moodies. The song will be on the album, but not as performed by Lodge. He recorded "Important Words," which is one of his Vincent favorites. The album will be initially released in Europe.
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