Moody Blues On Road For Love Of Music

The Moody Blues The Moody Blues "I love the music," he said, even if it comes with a heavy tour schedule, most of it traveled by bus. "The bus thing just works out with the seven of us (including other band members and the tour manager)," Hayward said. He passes the travel time by watching movies, conducting business on his computer and reading. "I'm a reader, mainly. My life revolves around the current book I'm reading," Hayward said. "Right now, I'm trying to get through the great authors of the 20th century women. People like Barbara Pym that you may never have heard of." Hayward said the tour has included a variety of venues from performing arts centers such as the Clay Center to outdoor stadiums and box arenas. Audiences range in age, though seem to be largely composed of fans from the 1980s era, or the "Wildest Dreams," crowd, as Hayward likes to describe them. "But a lot of people from our own age are coming back, and there are some young people that love the music," he added. To that end, the band's songlist is wide-ranging. "The issue with our stage show is not what to play but what to leave out," Hayward noted. Read the Full Article
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