Moody Blues Rock Cape Town

The Moody Blues The Moody Blues
"To everyone who was there in the 60's- welcome back, you made it!" John Lodge of the Moody Blues chuckled after their performance of 'Tuesday Afternoon' This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Moody Blues. What a milestone. "When we started out my hair was brown, my teeth were white, and this meant peace," said Graeme Edge holding his fingers in the iconic 'V'. "Now ... my hair is white, my teeth are yellow, and this 'V' means Viagra!" Cue mad hippy-loving laughter echoing through the arena. "But it's a;; still rock n' roll baby!" And Rock 'n' Roll is just what the masses came to see, only to discover that Procol Harum had pulled out at the last minute due to injury. But the British Invasion juggernaut was not to be stopped, and 10cc, in true British fashion, waltzed on stage and got straight to business, kicking off the concert with 'Wall Street Shuffle' and the much treasured 'Things We Do For Love'. Continue Reading...
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