Moody... But Successful

The Moody Blues The Moody Blues Musical mainstays for over 30 years, the Moody Blues taking to the Halifax Metro Centre stage Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Show part of first-ever cross-Canada tour According to Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues, playing music during a time of a technological explosion certainly had an impact on his career. A time when advancements like TVs connected the world with the use of satellites and live TV allowing fans to see their rock icons in a different, more personal way — a break from your standard, rigid society, all of a sudden making the world a smaller place. “That sounded very bloated and self-important didn’t it? Also there was some excellent dope around,” a vital, creative tool, Edge joked during a recent phone interview. With a career that spans near half a century — with 70 million albums sold worldwide including 14 platinum and gold discs —The Moody Blues have seen it all. Originating in Birmingham, England, one of their most notable accolades was the successful fusion of classical music with modern rock, creating a psychedelic sound that would be the cornerstone for what would become progressive rock. In an age where music is consistently brushing off the old to inspire the new, will there be a time when we run out of “new sound?” “I’m absolutely convinced that there is still a chance to create a new sound,” Edge said. “The bow and arrow became the harp; plumbing became the sax; the club became the drum. Musicians have always used technological advancements to somehow or another turn it into something creative.” No matter what the next creative leap, Edge urges future musicians to try to make their own way rather than following trends. And once you harness that new, great sound? “Read your contracts and cross your fingers.” Voyage 2011: Precious Cargo Tour Dates & Ticket Information
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