Widget ImageJohn Lodge “Royal Affair and After” Release Date Update

November 24, 2021

Thank you for all the support and excitement around the release of ‘The Royal Affair and After’ album! As most of us already know there is a world-wide supply chain issue affecting almost every business including the music industry that is not immune to this problem. We are very sorry to say our distributor has just informed us that, despite their best efforts in trying to move mountains, there has been a production delay with John’s new release and the CDs will not be ready in time for the anticipated December 3rd release.  The revised release date for digital and CD is now January 14th with the limited edition blue vinyl still on track for January 29th. John and all his team are very upset by this news and hate to let you all down, especially those of you hoping Santa would leave it under your tree on Christmas.  In the meantime we hope you are enjoying ‘Ride My See-Saw’ and ‘Gemini Dream’, both available digitally, to download/stream and on YouTube!

Thank you in advance for your understanding we can’t wait to share the album with you!

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